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3rd book in Ginger Series
This educational and delightful story weaves together

Children’s Fireworks safety, fun, and friendship

as Ginger and her pals charm the townspeople and join the July 4th town parade.

Ginger is no ordinary deer-She’s the only one in the forest with a bright orange collar.

Ginger’s Fireworks Safety Tips


Ginger Searches for the Perfect Valentine

In this charming children’s story, Ginger learns that friendship is the greatest gift of all, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. Delight your little ones with this sweet story of love and companionship.

Have you met Ginger? She’s the only deer in the forest with a bright, orange collar.

Take off on a woodland adventure with Ginger.

Ginger Searches for the Perfect Valentine


Ginger Meets A Leprechaun and makes a wish

Have you met Ginger? In the magical forest, she is surprised by a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day who can make a wish come true.

Ginger thinks of a special wish. But uh-oh! Wishes can be tricky.

Join Ginger on her exciting journey where she learns about the real magic of wishes.

Perfect for story time.

Ginger Meets A Leprechaun and makes a wish book

Ginger Meets a Leprechaun and makes a wish


7 Leave Your Legacy military books

One can’t always rely on computers or internet!!

Military Vets–your DD214 doesn’t show ALL your duty stations

I wish my Dad had recorded his WWII memories. Now there is no one to ask.

Ideal for All Service Members: Designed with every branch in mind, Leave Your Legacy isa must-have for active-duty personnel, reservists, and Veterans alike. (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, Coast Guard and Space Force)

  • Tangible Legacy: A written military history provides a tangible and enduring legacy that can be passed down through generations. Unlike digital files that may be susceptible to loss due to technical issues or obsolescence, a physical record stands the test of time, ensuring your story will be cherished by your family and future generations.
  • Connection with History: Putting pen to paper allows you to forge a deeper connection with history. As you write, you’ll relive your experiences and gain a new perspective on the events that shaped your life and the world around you. Your personal insights and emotions will be captured in a way that digital records simply cannot replicate.
  • Preservation of Identity: Your military history is an integral part of your identity. By documenting it in writing, you ensure that the essence of who you are and what you achieved is preserved in a comprehensive and authentic manner. This written record safeguards your unique contributions and sacrifices for posterity.
  • Reflection and Healing: Writing your military history can be a therapeutic process. It allows you to reflect on your experiences, share your triumphs and challenges, and find closure for unresolved emotions. Through this introspection, writing can aid in your healing journey and foster a deeper sense of self-awareness.
  • Accessibility and Shareability: A written military history is accessible to all, regardless of technological proficiency. It can be shared with friends, family, and fellow veterans without the need for specialized software or devices.

Please don’t let memories slip away. Gift this book to a Veteran or active service member today so they can leave their legacy.


Leave Your Legacy-2023 Edition


My work has been published in the following anthologies available for purchase now:

Celebrating ChristmasThe Christmas Tree Branches

October 2021







Cool-inary Moments, The Great Turkey Mistake 








The Joy of Christmas, Lights Camera Action

Read a sample of my story here.

Ginger Meets A Leprechaun and makes a wish book

Ginger Meets a Leprechaun and makes a wish

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