Dating Online is like shopping


About online dating: Who could have guessed that finding a date would end up being an online endeavor and all of us would end up “shopping” for our dates similar to how we shop for clothes or accessories from my favorite online website: style, color, size, material, shipping options, etc.

It’s a little strange, I must say. I never realized what an odd experience this might be. But much like ordering clothes online, it’s not until you actually meet/see someone in person that you’re able to get a true feel for the texture, feel, variation, distinction and fit. Photos and descriptions aren’t always exactly as you saw posted on the page.

It’s like someone saying, “I invite you to take a look at my ‘catalog page’. Check out my boxes; I’ll check out the boxes on your ‘catalog page’ and we will each see if want to place an order.”
To those who put themselves out on dating websites, best of luck for whatever it is you’re looking for.

We all deserve to find it!

(the above was written before I recently married)

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